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National Guard Resources > No Military Experience College Student Prior Service Medical Professionals Parents Clergy Officer Warrant Officer Educators Active Duty Translator/InterpreterFind Out What You're Made of—Then Redefine It They say the best things in life are free. Some are, but others require hard work and sacrifice. Things like a razor-sharp mind. A strong, toned body. Financial security. Confidence. In the National Guard, you'll gain the discipline and focus it takes to get the things in life that aren't free. That's what training's all about. Basic Combat Training (BCT) Many Soldiers say Basic Training is the toughest part of the Guard experience. Rigorous drills and an intense schedule will strengthen your body, sharpen your mind and develop honor, integrity and courage. Advanced Individual Training (AIT) Let's call it like it is: some of the best things in life cost money. The Guard will train you for a high-paying career. AIT is where you get hands-on instruction in your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS)—your job-of choice. This job is training ground for dozens of exciting civilian careers, and when employers see the Guard on your resume, they know they can count on you. Your Community, Your Country From emergencies in your state to trouble overseas, we'll prepare you to answer your highest professional call: to protect and defend America, its principles and its people. Do you have the stuff Soldiers are made of? We'll help you find out. Contact your local recruiter to learn more. Get the Education of a Lifetime in the National Guard Wherever you are on your academic journey, the Guard is behind you. From free entrance testing to financial assistance, we'll help make your dream of a higher education come true. High School and the GED Not planning on college? Join us part-time while in high school, or let us help you get your GED. You'll choose a Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) with us—a job that will train you for dozens of lucrative careers. College and Vocational School If you're in college or vocational school, or plan to go, the Guard's many support programs will help pay for almost everything. You may be eligible—in some cases upon enlistment—for benefits like 100% Tuition Assistance, student loan repayment, College First (no deployment guaranteed during your first two years of service), free entrance exam testing and monthly stipends—all on top of your steady paycheck. The Campus of Life There are things you can't learn in school. Like how to trust a comrade with your life. How to defend liberty and justice. How it feels to be an American Soldier. Those are things you learn in the National Guard. From college degrees to lessons of the heart, the Guard ensures you a higher education. Contact your local recruiter to learn more. You'll Find Your Thrill What does adventure mean to you? Traveling the world...jumping out of a Blackhawk helicopter...saving someone's life? Whatever gets your adrenaline going, you'll find it in the National Guard. Where the Wild Stuff Is The excitement begins at the gate. In Basic Training, you'll rappel a 30-foot wall, master a bayonet course and complete other intense and challenging drills. Next, in Advanced Individual Training (AIT), you'll go hands-on in your Military Occupational Specialty (MOS) to master one of over 200 exhilarating military jobs. If you're mobilized for active duty, you'll head into the eye of the storm to defend your country, be it wrestling a natural disaster or traveling to an overseas mission. Every day is something new, whether it's your first day or your 20th year, your local armory or foreign soil. Have Adventures That Last Forever Some adventures happen to you. Others happen within you. Like growing confident and courageous. Becoming someone others can trust. Or this amazing one: transforming into an American Soldier. These are adventures you get to keep and experience every day for the rest of your life. Thrills are here, there and everywhere in the National Guard. Contact your local recruiter to learn more. It Pays to be in the National Guard. Life has enough obstacles. The National Guard thinks money shouldn't be one of them. Whether you are seeking additional income, funding for college, job training or another type of financial assistance, you can get it all for a commitment of just one weekend per month, and a two-week training period each year. The Guard's got your back on the fiscal front. Benefits Start Right Away Upon signing with us, you may be eligible for an enlistment bonus. The amount varies, but $10,000 to $20,000 is common. If you're a recent high school grad or an adult looking to change careers, we'll give you on-the-job paid training in the vocation of your choice. You'll not only earn while you learn, but you'll skip the minimum wage jobs and jump straight to the good ones in civilian life. If you're a current or future college student, you'll appreciate programs like 100% Tuition Assistance and student loan repayment. You may also qualify for the Montgomery G.I. Bill and its supplement, the Kicker, which provide monthly stipends. Security on the Horizon As we grow older, certain things become important—home loans, life insurance, and medical and retirement benefits. As a Guard member or veteran, you'll be eligible for these and many other essential resources when you need them. Life costs. Being in the Guard pays. Contact your local recruiter to learn more. Stand Up for Your Country, Stand Up for What Counts Want to serve your country? Make a difference in the world? Be part of something greater than yourself? You'll do it all in the National Guard. This is your chance to be someone. To save innocent people from harm. To defend liberty and justice for all. One person can make a difference. It happens every day. Serving Your Community Because of the Guard's dual federal-state mission, you may be deployed locally or globally. Most likely, your assignments will be somewhere within your home state, because the Guard's main focus is assisting in civil disturbances and natural disasters like blizzards, wildfires and hurricanes. Your tasks will include getting people to safety, delivering supplies, restoring order and other jobs as directed. Serving Your Country The National Guard can also be mobilized by the President of the United States, at any time, to defend American interests around the world. If this happens, you'll be armed, trained and ready. For nearly 400 years, the National Guard has protected America's principles and people. You can be part of this noble tradition. When you join the Guard, you stand up for your family, friends, fellow Americans and freedom. Contact your local recruiter to learn more.

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